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ARII, the Regional Agency for Innovation and Internationalization of Companies, has been founded by Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the French government, The PACA regional chamber of commerce and industry, Bpifrance and the French public Deposit and Consignment Fund, to fast-track economic development, innovation and attractiveness in the region.

ARII implements economic development, innovation and internationalization strategies (Regional Scheme for Economic Development, innovation and internationalization, SRDEII in French, Regional Innovation Strategies, Regional Plan for Internationalization of Companies and so on) as well as various European, national and regional operational schemes.

ARII is the favored interface between public and corporate stakeholders thanks to governance combining elected representatives, partners, economic stakeholders and entrepreneurs. Its role is to catalyze funding.

ARII’s task mainly focuses on three development leverages:

  • Regional Major Structuring Programs
  • Business growth acceleration among high-potential SMEs
  • International attractiveness in the region

ARII development focus:

Regional Major Structuring Programs

These programs fall within the scope of the five strategic fields of activity defined in the regional innovation strategy:

  • Energy transition and power efficiency
  • Risks – Security – Safety
  • Health – Food
  • Smart and sustainable mobility
  • Tourism, Culture – Digital contents

These programs aim to implement growth environments in the region to promote innovation, job creation, business and talent attractiveness relying on three features

  • Reconquering high-tech industry in the region thanks to “Industrial Ecosystems”
  • Setting up a “Smart Region” thanks to “Sustainable and Smart Territories
  • Exporting the “Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur Well-living program

Major Structuring Programs unite competitive clusters and PRIDES (Regional innovative clusters dedicated to inclusive economic growth), structures assisting companies in optimizing innovation and globalization as well as local agencies promoting economic development for regional business.

High-potential SMEs Growth

ARII aims to pre-empt job creating future markets and to assist high-potential companies in optimizing their growth and their international development promoting attractiveness in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Promoting the Region and regional business abroad

ARII is also in charge of marketing and international promotion of economic development projects in the PACA Region. It steers foreign investors coordination and attractiveness. ARII also manages foreign delegations receptions, regular attendance at target industry and organic-oriented conventions. In 2015, it has implemented synergy between stakeholders within two committees named “Internationalization” and “Attractiveness” in partnership with the international section of the Regional Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Metropolitan & departmental agencies for economic development.

Moreover, it develops economic, technologic and scientific partnerships with foreign countries that help promote international partner initiatives with export stakeholders (San Diego, Tanger and so on). It also helps establishing access networks to international markets (for instance in partnership with the French Tech Hub in the USA).  Then, it also develops regional marketing schemes such as the Attract Talent program aimed at strategic targets such as investors, entrepreneurs, artists, sportsmen and so on.

A word from the General Manager, Jean-Yves LONGERE

“Since April 2014, ARII is the agency in charge with economic development, attractiveness and innovation in Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur.

In the region, it provides assistance to facilitate the emergence, the acceleration and deployment of structuring projects and  high-potential business growth.

The ARII website aims to enhance the range of services daily developed to meet regional challenges.

It is intended to companies, our partners, counseling players and the audience concerned with up and coming issues.”


    Nos ambitions

    Identifer puis accompagner

    la mise en oeuvre de projets d’envergure, à fort potentiel d’innovation et d’emploi

    Accompagner la croissance des entreprises

    à fort potentiel et leur développement à l’international

    Anticiper les marchés d'avenir

    créateurs des emplois de demain

    Valoriser l'identité

    et l’attractivité du terroitoire de PACA