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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Social Innovation Fund (FISO in French) is dedicated to financing social innovation programs supported by companies in the region.

PACA has volunteered with the French government and the Association of French Regions (ARF) to test FISO in order to assist regional companies with their socially innovative projects.

Thus, it has entrusted ARII with the task of monitoring funds alongside the operator Bpifrance.

Why a fund dedicated to social innovation ?

Social innovation is part of a large-scale innovation scheme. Beyond technologic aspects, innovation is societal, organizational, citizen-related, linked to uses and a new economic model. It can be co-designed with stakeholders and more particularly the end-user within the scope of a process which may connect researchers, industrialists, regional governments, non profit organizations and so on.

The purpose is:

>To emphasize and to help future sustainable and solidarity activities, to support job creation and wealth

> To assist emergence and perenniality of socially innovative dynamics throughout regions

>To promote social innovation and the emergence of new economic models mingling market economy with social economy

Who can benefit from FISO ?

SMEs, non profit organizations, cooperative structures established in PACA supporting an economically feasible innovative project.

How does it work ?

FISO works as  an interest-free loan or as  a repayable advance for a minimum of 30K euros with  a logic of co- financing for the project ( public aid shall not exceed 50 % of the project budget).

To benefit from FISO, companies can apply for an ongoing regional request for proposals managed and monitored by ARII. Projects selection hinges on five key areas :

  • The solution to social needs
  • The participative process
  • The territorial link
  • The economic model
  • the collective appropriation of value

An ARII-CRESS partnership available for social innovation

The implementation of social innovation rests on a strategic alliance between  ARII and the Regional Chamber of Social Economy and Solidarity (CRESS in French) in PACA. This partnership aims to combine expertise between companies and social and solidarity economy networks.

Download the request for proposal  (lien vers http://www.regionpaca.fr/fiso.html)

Contact : fiso@arii-paca.fr