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Watching over regional dynamism

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Entry point and information source for development and regional attractiveness, the ARII Monitoring Committee serves as a nodal point for information provided by ARII but also ecosystems stakeholders, watchdog agencies and institutes of studies.

The aim is to get a better assessment of strengths and weaknesses in our region, but also necessary conditions to guide the most relevant projects for the regional growth.

The purpose is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the ecosystem, in order to fuel strategic decisions, thereby it contributes to implement a Regional Innovation Strategy and a Regional Plan for Internationalization of Companies (PRIES in French).

Working as an authentic regional economic information platform, the ARII Monitoring Committee falls within an approach intended to upgrade existing resources and to share information.

For instance, we make documentary sources available (they can be download below) showing a selection of publications, studies, data, surveys and analyses on regional, national or global scale. These latest deal with several key issues in connection with ARII activities and particularly two strategic drivers they supplement: Major Structuring Programs and SMEs Growth.


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Observer le dynamisme du territoire

April 2015

Point d’entrée et source d’informations du développement et de l’attractivité régionale, l’Observatoire de l’ARII se positionne comme le point nodal […]