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As in any large region in Europe, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur provides companies during their implementation phase with a large range of financial backing helping them strengthen their development.

Each business creation matches tailor-made resources : logistics, production centers, decision centers, R&D lab or commercial office an so on.

Two funding types complement one another :

  • Private fund supports : granted to venture capital companies, business angels or banks to finance equity
  • Public fund supports : The French government and local authorities offer a range of options to finance investments, jobs creation, real-estate, innovation and R&D, training, export and environment. These funds can be direct or indirect subsidies (a real estate lease for instance), repayable advances without interest or tax concessions. CIR, the French R&D Tax Credit is very popular among foreign investors.

Focus on government grants and financing to set up business

Among the most important grants provided by the French government:

  • PAT a regional incentive package
  • Aid to Revitalize Industry (ARI in French)
  • The National Fund to Revitalize the Region (FNRT in French)
  • Funds for Defense Restructuring (FRED in French)
  • R&D Tax Credit (CIR in French). This measure applies to a very large number of companies

Depending on the eligibility, these funds are granted in accordance with European rules and regulations to prevent the distortion of competition.