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The PACA Accelerator: Assisting innovative companies in optimizing high growth

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Appointed by Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, working as an economic growth contributor in close collaboration with Bpifrance, ARII offers the PACA Accelerator. This is a pilot accelerator program exclusively reserved for the most innovative mature companies to help enhance their development and performance and to create employment in the region.

Supplementary to business growth paths, the PACA Accelerator provides high growth business with:

  • A six month acceleration program, including a tailor-made assistance to the CEO
  • Two collective programs inherent to business promotion (on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet financing arrangements, listing on the stock exchange, external growth, internationalization and so on.)
  • A thorough strategic assessment of the company complementing the acceleration

Concomitant with Bpifrance’s national SMEs accelerator, the PACA Accelerator leads the way to a new type of regional acceleration devoted to SMEs. It allows to activate the most booming growth levers with the best chances for success.

The pilot phase is implemented with an eight-company cohort batch.

The PACA Accelerator intends to improve and structure regional public supporting policy for very high-potential innovative mature companies testing new services devoted to “growth management” issues which are not available for the time being or not always opened to business in PACA.

What is the six-month acceleration program ?

  • The ACCELERATOR / HIGH SPEED program: The CEO is supported thanks to the mentorship coming from proven and experimented CEOs (entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled up their business or overcome a major entrepreneurial challenge) The operational part is supplemented by experts.
  • ATELIERS/TEMOIGNAGES or workshops / pitch events: 2 sessions gathering CEOs of the batch to discuss highlighted issues to promote middle term hyper and high growth.
  • A collaborative MASTERCLASS program: Hosted by an international leading figure, it aims to tackle a macroeconomic issue inherent to business promotion
  • A thorough strategic assessment made by a business consultant / expert

The PACA Accelerator: Who is it for?

Do you run a mature company in high-growth stage?

High growth includes companies which have validated their business model (during the development phase) showing:

  • A turnover ≥ € 3 million with a turnover rate rise on export growth
  • A significant turnover rise during the past three years
  • At least twenty employees
  • A turnover rise ≥ 25% on the next three years

The company must already have devised its strategy, identified the growth levers and emphasized objectives to meet during the various stages.

The role of ARII

To identify and recruit

companies via a Call for Expression of Interest (AMI in French)

To convoke

the selection committee made up of stakeholders involved in economy and regional business (Bpifrance, PACA Investissement, 2CInvest, TERTIUM Investissement, ENTERNEXT) in order to select companies to get into the accelerator.

To identify,

approach and introduce mentoring CEOs to supervise the cohort batch

To select

business consultants / experts for companies in the accelerator program

To set

a thorough strategic assessment by a business consultant / expert

To set out

pitch event workshops and the collaborative master class

To support

companies with regional and local partners

2016 Accelerator batch winners

The PACA Accelerator selection committee has accepted 8 high-growth companies to pursue this pilot accelerator program:


((in-line pulsed light packaging sterilization solutions for the beverage and dairy industries www.claranor.fr)


(computer-aided manufacturing solutions management publisher for SMEs and small & medium scale industries www.clipindustrie.com)


(computer solution to process and manage digital documents. www.digitech.fr)


(multimedia alarm monitoring solutions. www.esifrance.net)


(fleet management services platform for companies: eco driving tools, geolocation, www.mappingcontrol.com)


(Provepharm is a subsidiary of the Provence Technologies group that is specialized in the development of pharmaceutical drug products derived from active substances synthesized and patented by its parent company Provence Technologies, www.provepharm.com)


(scientific and technical engineering consulting company operating in various different sectors and areas of business, www.sophiaconseil.fr)


(backup provider specialized in safety use and protection of professional digital heritage, www.wooxo.fr).


Please contact us at: www.thepacaccelerator.fr